Total level 2166
Other names m_miq
Known for Being the first to achieve level 99 Prayer in Old School RuneScape
Clan Team Crap

mmiq is the first player to attain level 99 Prayer in Old School RuneScape. As of 15 March 2018, his total level is 2277 with 760 million overall experience.[1]

He is also known for his epic player kill vs clanofKAKA with his team, Team Crap (led by rushton88). Numberous opts (options) had taken down clanofKAKA for his entire bank (Dragonfire shield) using Torag Hammers, Ahrim's Staffs and Bronze Bolts (e).[2] This was a historic moment in Runescape history, as this was the first recorded [verified] video of Dragonfire shield player kill that an Iron Man had ever got.


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