Other names MmorpgRS, Bunniescape
Nationality English
Started playing Easter 2007
Known for His Twitch streams and YouTube videos

Mmorpg, also known as MmorpgRS, is an Old School RuneScape YouTuber and Twitch streamer. As of March 2018, he has a YouTube channel with 39 thousand subscribers and a Twitch channel with over 184 thousand followers. He has won two Golden Gnome Awards in his Old School RuneScape career. In 2017, he got a maximum total level on his ironman account.

Gaming career

He started playing the game in easter of 2007 with the name Bunniescape. He chose the name because a rabbit is his favorite animal, and he made the account during easter. The first skill he obtained level 99 is Hunter, which is his favourite skill. He changed his name to Mmorpg when Jagex began allowing players to change their display name. He has been playing on his ironman account named MmorpgRS since October 2014. He obtained a maximum total level of 2,277 on that account on 21 January 2017.[1]

He created his YouTube channel on 6 February 2010. He mostly uploads player-vs-monster and progress videos to the channel. As of 7 October 2018, he has 39 thousand subscribers.[2] He streams much of his progress on his Twitch channel, where he has over 184 thousand followers.[1] In 2016, he won the Golden Gnome Award for best Old School RuneScape Streaming Moment. He won the award for the moment in which he obtained a dragon warhammer drop on his ironman account.[3][4] In 2018, Mmorpg won the Golden Gnome Award for Best Old School RuneScape Streamer.[5]


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