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Barmey for Barney

Mod Calm worked in the Moderator Recruitment position in the Player Support department of Jagex until September 2010. Mod Calm had to leave Jagex as he was only on Placement and is now studying/obtaining a degree in English Literature at University.

Mod Calm ran a small communal Friends Chat, known as the "Calmmunity" and each individual was a "Calmite" (Or "Calmites" for general reference of the group).

Mod Calm opened a new Friends Chat called "Cal" after he left, which survived being an active Friends Chat for about 3 or 4 months afterwards, then people gradually quit or left due to Cal being inactive as he is currently busy with university work, so the 'regulars' went to find other Friends Chats. "Cal" was opened because (even after Mod Stevew promised it wouldn't) Mod Calm chat was closed about a week after he left.

Mod Calm was active in both his Friends Chats up until about Christmas 2011. Mod Calm adapted many nicknames,

"Mod Cullen", "Mud Clam", "Mod Clam", "Cal", are some examples.

He adapted to the name "Mod Cullen" after Mod Gratham had started off the look-a-like roumer which implied he had a resemblance to "Edward Cullen".

Calm likes Soft Rock and Rock as music Genres, and bands such as "The Script" and "Linkin Park". Mod Calm can be found on his sticky thread in Off Topic called "What Are You Listening To?" where he states he was listening to "Where-ever You Will Go" by "The Calling" at that moment in time.