Mod Chrisso
Mod Chrisso.png
Occupation Bug tester
Community Management
Started working 2010
Ended working 2013


Mod Chrisso was a Jagex Moderator. He joined the Community Management team in late 2010. Chrisso resigned from Jagex on 20 December 2013. He ran a friends chat which for the most part was open to guests, but was, however, sometimes locked to ranks only. Chrisso's friends chat name was P H (Pancake House), expressing Chrisso's love for pancakes. This follows on from his famous P H quote:

Pancakes. They are like waffles, but they don’t waste valuable batter-space by having holes in them

The Troll of all trolls!

Mod Chrisso was mainly known for his witty and clever responses in the "Rants" section in the RuneScape Official Forums.

Mod Chrisso was previously the lead bug curator for Jagex, and he took the place of David Coleman. Mod Chrisso's job was to find and stop bugs or glitches in RuneScape. He would also punish those who abused the bugs.

Mod Chrisso became famous after a YouTube video was released featuring Mod Chrisso being lured by bug abusers into the Stealing Creation minigame, where they were able to pickpocket from Mod Chrisso's inventory. Mod Chrisso had the Jagex moderator-only item rotten potato in his inventory, which gave shortcuts to several Jagex moderator-only commands. This item was usable by normal players but has been patched since. All rotten potatoes on non-Jagex Mod accounts have been removed.

Personal life

Chrisso used to be in the Army. He joined Jagex because he wanted to work for a "passionate and enthusiastic" games company. He claimed he'd like to look like Johnny Depp, particularly Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie "The Pirates of The Carribean". Chrisso has said that his favourite hobbies are surfing and rock climbing, and that his favourite cookie flavour is either fudge or chocolate.

Chrisso has a collection of guitars, which he values dearly. His favourite subject in school was indeed music — along with history, and his favourite colour is sky blue, which is interesting because he has a white car named Wexler.

As of 2018, he is in a long-term relationship with Rants regular Brigantia.

He always wears his watch; he is never seen without it.

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