Mod Fran
Mod Fran game.png
Owner Fran
Started working 2008 or earlier
Ended working September 29, 2009

Mod Fran was a female Jagex Moderator that has now left Jagex.

Leaving party

When Fran left Jagex, some of the other Jagex Moderators made a surprise party for her. Mod Poppy, Mod Calm, Mod Clark, Mod Crow, Mod John H, Mod Raven and others attended the party. Anyone, even normal players, could attend the party.

Mod Stevew's goodbye

The day after the party, Mod Stevew made a post about Fran on the official RuneScape Facebook page:

Mod Fran left Jagex yesterday to follow her dreams (!) - she was one of our better known J Mods and was particularly active in the P Mod community.

To mark the occasion a number of players and J Mods hid in Draynor - we then lured her there on false pretences and everyone jumped out for a surprise party!

A conga ensued, taking in large parts on the map - with everyone saying their goodbyes!

Take care Fran, you will be missed.

— Mod Stevew
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