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Mod Reach
Mod Reach head.png
Occupation Content Developer
Started working Sometime in 2010
Ended working April 21, 2015
Known for OldSchool RuneScape.

Mod Reach was a Jagex Moderator who used to work in the RuneScape QA dept. He moved to Old School RuneScape to become a QA tester, later becoming a content developer for Old School. On April 21, 2015, Mod Reach was "dismissed from employment at Jagex, following an investigation into serious misuse of moderator privileges."[1] In addition, his maxed personal account Mad Dan was banned.

Reach was well known at Jagex HQ for his flexibility in the workplace.

It was suspected that he may have played a role in the "corp glitch" which allowed players to be invincible at the Corporeal Beast as it would not attack them back. However, Mod Mat K later stated on Reddit that Mod Reach had nothing to do with the Corporeal Beast bug.[2]



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