Mod Sabre
Mod Sabre small.png
Occupation Community Engagement night shift
Started working 2011 or earlier
Known for Mod Sabre's New Year’s Eve Challenge
Mod Sabre chat head.png

Mod Sabre is a Jagex Moderator and a Community Engagement night shift worker.[1] He is known for participating in a New Year's Eve challenge, where he was challenged to celebrate New Year's Eve in 39 different time zones in 2011, going to different places in game and different worlds for the part of the real world that is celebrating the new year.[2] He succeeded in doing so.[3] During the event, he appeared equipped with a silly jester hat, trickster robe top, chaotic crossbow, ornamental amulet of fury and glaiven boots.

In 2013, Mod Sabre was featured in the Falador Party room spawning every kind of snowman there was. In-game, there were fireworks along with an effect which shook the players screen. Over 250 players attended the New Years event. Mod Sabre later commenced a drop party which occurred from the party chest. 

He stated on his Twitter account that he no longer works for Jagex; this has been confirmed to be true.[citation needed]


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