Mod Sushi Pi
Occupation Community Management department

Mod Sushi Pi was a previous Jagex Moderator in the Community Management department. He was the Player and Forum Moderator recruitment officer. Mod Sushi Pi was announced to have been fired on 04/09/13 along with Mod Sabre.[citation needed]

Below is his last message on runescape forum on a thread named "Sayonara"

"Hey everyone, It has been fantastic getting to know you however unfortunately the time has come for me to say goodbye as I move onto other pastures. Working with the RuneScape community has been a fantastic experience and I take with me many fond memories. While I may be leaving Jagex, I will take those memories with me. Thank you for all of the laughs, the Reddit karma, the Gifs, memes and general amusement. Thank you for making even my worst days better. Thank you for making RuneScape and world of Gielinor such a wonderful place. I hate long goodbyes, and saying goodbye in general so let’s just leave it at see you soon"

-Mod Sushi_Pi"

Posted 03-sep-2013 13:17:57 

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