Moheb is an American RuneScape player who also makes YouTube videos. He is nearly maxed on Evolution of Combat (EoC) with only 2 99s to go, which are Slayer and Dungeoneering. He quit from playing RuneScape and has been periodically be seen online on Old School RuneScape and continues to rise on the hiscores.

YouTube activity

Moheb youtube username was originally called "Cameltaco" and he started by making amateur videos of varous Xbox 360 games. He started making RuneScape videos in 2010 on different channels, but merged back to his original channel in 2012. He used Google+ to make his YouTube display name RS Man, and made several skill guides. His skill guides recieved much popularity while his commentary videos had very low popularity. He became inactive on YouTube and posted his last video on March 17, 2013. He had 0 activity after than and only was seen once again after, when he posted on Wine Taster's youtube video on June 20th, 2013 saying "y u do dis greg, y?" after Wine Taster's ban from Runescape during the mass ban. No videos from RS Man have been uploaded since March 17, 2013.


Moheb started playing Runescape in his early years of life back in 2002 and continued to play until 2008. He originally went by the RuneScape name Lilpat5057, only to be changed in 2004 to Divine. In 2007 he changed his name yet again, to Vestas Poker. The account Vestas Poker was hacked in 2008 and he quit RuneScape, only to come back in early 2010. This is when his current username, Moheb, was created. Since 2010 he has kept his name Moheb, and has reached high stats on EoC, along with a large bank of a reported 14b. He had a reputation as a lurer and famous flower hoster with a respective rank in the Fishy Friends Chat. He got over 1.7b accumitively from luring. He was then kicked out, and started his new reputation. Moheb since has been known well in the luring and flower community, but has stated several times he is not planning on ever being affiliated with that type of RuneScape playing and now plays RuneScape recreationally with his friends. 

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