RuneScape Players Wiki
Total level 2576
Combat level 138
Other names Kj Slimshady, Saxplayer'02, Molty
Nationality Native American
Influences Bluerose13x, Alkan, Dardan
Achievements Max Cape

Moltrinex, formerly known as Kj Slimshady and Saxplayer'02, is a Runescape player.

He reached his most desired goal, Max Cape, on January 30, 2015. Shortly after, he disappeared from the game, only to appear in local news. He has not since been heard from.

Early Career

Moltrinex was not known throughout the years of RS 2, while players like Chessy018 and Fishy gained fame for their wealth being in the hundreds of billions. He quit and came back to the game many times, and spent his time merching or doing clue scrolls, rather than leveling or socializing. One of his friends said, "He has an obsession with in-game wealth, it's all he's ever doing is making gp." -Pichu32.

He is active in Decimus and takes leading his Crew Nation community very seriously. He regularly updates his social media pages of his current goal progress, notably max cape, but he has mentioned the desire to gain 5.2b total xp and reach "True Completionist" status, as described by Dragonseance.

Another notable fact regarding Moltrinex is he at one point owned a War Ship, considered the rarest item in the game. It is not known whether it has survived being destroyed through all his account security issues, although he has said he might feed it to his Baby Troll, indicating that he still has it.

He is also very out-spoken regarding his disapproval of real world trading, and Jagex's release of Bonds.

To celebrate his birthday in January, 2015, he dropped a max stack of Pure Essence on f2p, and Tweeted the screenshots: He said he enjoys helping the community and making players happy with giveaways.