Total level 2585
Combat level 138
Other names Imp, Wiseimp
Clan The Fifth Legacy

Morewiseimp is a Hungarian player. He started in late 2007 but for various reasons lost his account in 2009. After a long break he started fresh on a new (magic pure) account.


progress as of 2014. 02. 10

He is known for helping people, giving advice and always have a strong opinion about anything. His home world was 101-102 but after server updates those worlds are no longer listed and he's mostly found in world 10, 123, 48. He is currently leader of a clan: The Fifth Legacy.

As of 2014. 02. 10 he possesses 13 skill capes and a quest cape and levelled all his skills above level 90.

Reached max cape at 2014. 04. 30.

morewiseimp on world 48


His first apearence on youtube

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