Mote Plox
Mote Plox2.png
Total level RS3: 1811
OSRS: 1924
Combat level RS3: 121
OSRS: 115
Other names Brandon, Mote
Nationality American
Started playing 2004
Achievements 99 Hunter & 99 Cooking
Known for His RuneScape content on YouTube, and his high level of interaction with fans.
Clan Mote Plox

Mote Plox's YouTube channel profile picture.

Mote Plox is a RuneScape video maker, mainly featuring videos about Old School RuneScape. He registered his YouTube channel on March 3rd, 2014, and is well-known for replying often to comments that are submitted on his videos.

He is known for mainly making count down videos depicting historical events, Easter eggs, facts, and much more about RuneScape's earlier years. His real life name is Brandon.

Mote Plox has stated on his channel and in his comments that he apparently started playing RuneScape in 2004, shortly after the release of the RuneScape 2 Beta. Mote Plox has stated that he does not play RuneScape 3 anymore, although he used to play pre-EOC, but doesn't ever plan on returning to that version of the game. He states that much of RuneScape 3 is now foreign to him, and that when EOC came out, he eventually quit because he lost interest in the game. Although he prefers Old School RuneScape, he doesn't resent Jagex for the changes that they made to the current version of the game.

Mote Plox's oldest video on his YouTube channel is his 99 Hunter guide that he posted on August 23rd, 2014. Although the Hunter guide is his oldest video, he previously had more videos before his Hunter guide that displayed his progress in Old School RuneScape overall, but eventually took them down, stating that he just lost interest in making them. Instead, he says that he makes countdown videos because it is simply what he enjoys doing the most - learning all sorts of new things about the history of RuneScape in the process. He commonly refers to RuneScape as the game he grew up with during his childhood.


Brandon has two accounts, his main account Mote Plox, and another account that he sometimes uses for videos (and has talked about potentially making it a pure) Baby Mote.


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