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My Kingz
My Kingz Front2012.png
My Kingz standing near Daemonheim, 2012
Total level 2736[1]
Combat level 138[1]
Achievements Rank 9 overall
200 million XP in all skills
Trimmed Completionist cape
Clan Consistency
My Kingz Avatar.png

My Kingz is a maxed Runescape player with the Trimmed Completionist Cape. My Kingz is currently ranked 9th on the overall hiscores as of January 2018, with 5.4 billion XP.

For over a year, My Kingz was the highest ranked player with a trimmed Completionist Cape, until clanmate Dragonseance became trimmed in late 2013. My Kingz is a former member of Efficiency Experts, and is among the richest players in the game.[citation needed]


RS Runescape My Kingz trimmed Completionist cape party gathering

My Kingz obtaining the Trimmed Completionist Cape in 2012

My Kingz seems to have many fans and is the highest ranked person to visit free-to-play world 50 and world 98 Clanwars often. Likes to be called SnugglePuffs, and one of the only "legit" high ranked players making all his cash from pvm/merchanting.[clarification needed]

He was hacked on September 30, 2014.

My Kingz is currently a member of the clan Consistency. As of 2018, he plays Old School RuneScape, where he is maxed.[2]

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