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N Y J is an Old School RuneScape player who was permanently banned on March 14, 2018. He was rank 7 overall at the time of ban and was the 7th person to achieve 3 billion total experience. He was also the first person to achieve the rank 1 day, week, month, and year in total experience simultaneously. He had 200 million Hitpoints, Cooking, Fletching, Firemaking, Crafting, Smithing, Thieving, Hunter, and Construction experience and was rank 9 Firemaking and Construction. He also created the idea for double Death runes to be Runecrafted at 99 Runecrafting, which was implemented two months after his idea was offered. It is unknown why he was permanently banned. It is widely accepted that he is one of two top-10 players (alongside Tyler) who were permanently banned by accident. However, Jagex stated the ban is correct. He has decided to continue playing on another account.

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