Combat level 66
Started playing 2007
Known for Guiding

Neron112 is a Swedish RuneScape player who makes RuneScape guide videos. He started playing in 2007 and started in June 2011 his guides. He can be found on world 118 or world 1 at Varrock, Falador or Lumbridge.

Early 2010

Neron112 is level 70 woodcutting, that means woodcutting is his highest skill and is level 54 strength.

His combat level is 65, and trains at the floor 2 of the Stronghold dungeon at the level 30 zombies .

His Videos released 2010 but Neron112 officialed said to removed them because of In Real Life problems.

And Neron112 got Criticism of Luring/scamming people (Luring people to take Wine of Zamorak and being attacked by the Zamorak Priests).

"I got hacked, the person who hacked me tried to make Jagex ban me" - Neron112

Hack Attempt on Neron112

There are several of people doing hack attempt on Neron112 24 June 2010 of all his pranks Neron112 did on them. 16 November 2010 it began a Hack attack on Neron112. People wanted payback on him of all pranks he did on them. Neron112 Quited RuneScape, he came back 13 December 2010 and started woodcutting.


Neron112 started play RuneScape again. He is Playing the Dicegame at the varrock everyday at world

Neron112 at the Dicegamers

Neron112 doesent prank much anymore now in

2011 because the people can report of rule breaking and ban or mute Neron112 permament. A player called pichusar he had a interview with Neron112.

Neron112's plans of the future: start woodcutting to 99 (now 70) and train combat level (now 66) and make guides about luring,pranks etc., Neron112 Has a Secret account. its still unknown since 2007.

Locations there Neron112 always is

"if someone sees a level 5 account,report it to me" -Neron112

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