Nitsos is a veteran RuneScape player and an infamous bot. He is believed to be living in Los Angeles, California as of 2013.

He has stated in the past that he has been playing "a long time,". However, 'Nitsos' has been around since May 2005. He has also mentioned that his homeworld was and always will be world 111.

He is known to be very quiet. He will go weeks...years without talking in public, even if spoken to directly.

Nitsos uses Twitter to occasionally mark milestones, most recently: 2,000 days played.


Nitsos is rumored to have used a bot he created himself to obtain the majority if not all of his XP, which includes 200,000,000 XP in Divination, Woodcutting, Fletching, Fishing, Cooking and Firemaking.

He has been spotted in-game on multiple Double XP Weekends intentionally gaining 0 XP over the entire weekend. Most often accomplishing this by Woodcutting. Nitsos was unexpectedly seen at the Summer Beach Party in world 124 from July 20th to August 10th 2020. Where he achieved 200,000,000 XP in Dungeoneering on August 7, 2020.

'Nitsos' was banned for approximately 51 hours in May 2016, reason unknown.

Appearance and Worn Equipment

Nitsos has a bald head, no facial hair and wears Slave Robes, which are obtained during The Tourist Trap quest.

While Woodcutting he uses a Dragon hatchet, Nature's sentinel outfit, Woodcut. cape (t), Grace of the elves, Luck of the Dwarves and TokKul-Zo.

His personal message is "Still here."


As of January 1, 2019 Nitsos has once again returned to Woodcutting and can be found at an Elder tree in world 64.

His route is as follows:

  1. South of Yanille.
  2. South of Varrock, north of the Rat Pen, or west of East Varrock Mine.
  3. South of the Zamorak prayer altar and South of Edgeville, near the Stronghold of Safety.
  4. South of Draynor Village bank. (occasionally)

Nitsos is known to frequent and holds the rank of General in 'Rare Hat' and 'Crunchie' friends' chat.


'Nitsos Alt' A level 3 account with 70,000,000 Woodcutting XP was first spotted Woodcutting alongside 'Nitsos' on April 1, 2017.

Skills Mastered

Nitsos has mastered a few skills to date, they are:

  1. 200,000,000 Fishing — Bubbles the Fishing pet found.
  2. 200,000,000 Cooking — Ramsay the Cooking pet found.
  3. 200,000,000 Woodcutting — Woody the Woodcutting pet found.
  4. 200,000,000 Fletching — Flo the Fletching pet found.
  5. 200,000,000 Firemaking
  6. Magic
  7. Mining
  8. Smithing
  9. Crafting
  10. Hunter
  11. Agility
  12. Thieving
  13. 200,000,000 Divination — Willow the Divination pet found.
  14. Farming — Brains the Farming pet found.
  15. Construction
  16. 200,000,000 Dungeoneering
  17. Herblore

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