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No1s Perfect
Total level 1,871
Combat level 138
Nationality Canadian
Known for PKing, YouTube videos

No1s Perfect (Real life name Chris Archie) is a famous player for making videos on his main YouTube channel. He has 3 other channels which upload a variety of clips and a total of over 250,000 subscribers.


Chris lived in Ontario Canada.

Chris Archie proposed to Kellie , his Fiancé, on September 18th 2011, and married her on June 16th, 2012. He first met her on RuneScape.

He is good friends with NightmareRH, and has featured many of Runeshark's videos on his youtube channel. (ChrisArchieProds)


Chris Archie currently owns four channels:

Chris Archie is his general RuneScape channel, on this channel, he does things from player killing, to his pure experience videos. Chris doesn't use this channel for playing Minecraft or Happy wheels, as he plays those on his newer channel Chrisarchie.

ChrisArchieProds is his RuneScape Community Channel and currently has a schedule of 3 uploads per day, each containing 1-2 (3 at most) RuneScape clips. The channel has over 250,000 subscribers, succeeding even his main channel the second highest subscribers of any runescape yter.

ChrisArchieGames is Chris' in real life channel, however content has not been uploaded to this channel for several months. In fact if one wishes to view the channel, YouTube will display a note saying the channel is not available. Now his in real life videos are posted on ChrisAr

Chrisarchie is his latest channel. Chrisarchie is Chris' gaming channel, on the channel he plays games from Minecraft, to Happy Wheels, to Draw Something, and also Black Ops 2. Chris also vlogs on that channel.

Intro song

The song he usually uses in his videos can be downloaded from:

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