No2h I Swear is a RuneScape player who started in late 2005 after his friend Mike convinced him to play. His first account was Sapphire4040, whom he played on until he took a lengthy break from the game after the removal of the Wilderness and Free Trade in December 2007. He came back to the game in late 2008, on a skiller-turned-pure named 7 A L E N T. He then decided to take another break from the game until summer of 2009, when he created No2h I Swear.

No2h I Swear the account started out as an F2P Range/2h pure, before he got bored of F2P and subscribed to members. During the next month he played a lot of Soul Wars, achieving 85 Strength and 85 Range with 20 Defence in a relatively short amount of time. He then set out to pk. A few months later he got bored of pure pking and decided to go zerker, a decision he soon regretted. He then quit that account, giving it to his cousin who managed to get the account perm muted and then banned shortly after. Later on No2h returned to an account he made in 2008 and changed the name to No2h Returns, marking his return to the pure pking world.

From June of 2010 to April 2011, he painstakingly worked on No2h Returns' (later changed to Gg childhood) stats, eventually making the account into an initiate pure with 80 Attack, 90 Strength, 20 Defence, 99 Magic 52 Prayer and 99 Ranged with a Chaotic rapier. After being wrongly accused of spying and kicked from the clan The Last Pures, he decided to give up on pures and go main. From this time (April 2011 to November 2012) he worked on all of his skills equally, eventually achieving 2100+ total level and 5 99s (Cooking, Magic, Ranged, Strength and Prayer). He then quit on November 20th, 2012 due to the highly controversial evolution of combat update. However, he returned to the game in February 2013 to vote for and play the 2007 servers. His current username is Former Love, and he is purely playing on 2007 servers. His goals are to get as high combat level and Slayer level as possible.

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