Noob Twinz 5
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Total level 986 (Old School RuneScape)

1773 (Evolution of Combat)

Combat level 74 (Old School RuneScape)

100 (Legacy)

145 (Evolution of Combat)

Other names Noob



Nationality American
Started playing 30 August, 2007
Influences Gertjaars


Noob Twinz 2

Known for Nothing
Noob Twinz 5.png

Noob Twinz 5 began playing RuneScape on 30 August, 2007. He was inspired by his good friend, Noob Twinz 2, and made the account 'Noobtwinz3.' Not knowing about the spaces, he trained until level 13 before making Noob Twinz 4. He quit that and made Noob Twinz 3. He accidentally gave that away and made Noob Twinz 5.

Noob Twinz 5 has a YouTube account of the same name, NoobTwinz5. He once had an active thread on the official forums titled "Bring back RS2 or so help me!", which concerned the graphic change, wilderness, trade-limit, and much more, only until he went too long without bumping it, at which time it was devoured by Chewy. Despite the thread's untimely demise, Noob Twinz 5 was elated upon the release of Old School RuneScape.

Early summer of 2010, Noob Twinz 5 achieved 99 Fletching, his first ever. He achieved 99 Fishing the very next summer (2011). As of 27 December 2011, he achieved 57 Summoning and was going for 99 Runecrafting with his very good friend, Nick Kinney, but both their interests died out and Noob Twinz 5 was left at 74. Since then, he has been going for 99 Firemaking; he is at 97.

He has been an avid skiller and moneymaker ever since he started out on RuneScape back 7 years ago, and enjoys both still today. Despite his name, he considers himself rather ownage for a level 94, having several high stats and a rather large stack of coins.

He looks up to former rank 1, Gertjaars. He has met him many times, and a lot of the times Gertjaars actually spoke to him. Another idol of his is the famous NightmareRH, for his hilarious videos, attitude toward the game, and his moneymaking ethics. He wants to be as rich as NightmareRH when he gets a higher level.

These days, he resides almost exclusively in Old School RuneScape, training fervently each and every day. Although irritated by some of the additions to the 2007-style game, he still enjoys it. He has expressed interest in the idea of Legacy Mode for the current game, and would not object to playing the current game should Legacy be implemented.

Noob Twinz 5 most recent goal is to complete While Guthix Sleeps quest. Noob Twinz 5 has worked hard for the quest points needed to start the amazing quest, but falls short. Noob Twinz 5 has other distractions within his life that consist of School, Minecraft, Youtube, Skype, and conversing with the Almighty Starcrafting. Noob Twinz 5 has plans to start and finish While Guthix Sleeps before the end of 2015.

Noob Twinz 5's 99s and their achievement dates

  • 99 Fletching - Began on 2 June 2009; achieved on 22 June 2010
  • 99 Fishing - Began on 29 December 2010; achieved on 4 July 2011
  • 99 Runecrafting - Began on 27 December 2011; achieved on ????


  • Noob Twinz 5 has said that he has gotten every single holiday event item since he started playing, disregarding the RuneFest items, which he was unable to get as he was not old enough to attend the event. The only thing he has missed is the 10th Anniversary Cake; he actually obtained the cake, but for whatever reason, it was taken for him, supposedly because he did not light it....
  • Noob Twinz 5 was once muted for calling a female player an offensive name, mainly because he was annoyed with her repeated saying of "Noob", to which both Noob Twinz 5 and his friend, Noob Twinz 2, tried to reply but she would not stop. She also told them to skill up as well as get a life, at which time Noob Twinz 5 called her a name. After he left, Noob Twinz 2 also called the player a different, yet still offensive name, and, ironically, they were both muted for two days. Fortunately, and for no known reason, the mute was lifted the very next day. They received no blackmarks for the incident.
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