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He is a Top F2P Player, who is recently gaining fame due to his incredible Experience gains in the free version of Runescape.

He has several records set and is currently training Dungeoneering. He is said to play well over 15 hours per day, making him gain 150 Million Experience over 5 Months.

Not the only controversy describing this player, but probably the most notable is his amount of wealth. Although Nuffbutmage has never shown his actual wealth, he has been seen with several Partyhats, mostly wearing a White. According to him he has still "too little" but players said he got well over 20B, making him one of the richest Non-Members out there.

His Home World is 61, where he and his team are said to be the best Dungeoneering team F2P has ever seen.

He is also a member of the Tip.It Forum, where you can also find his original thread and ongoing journey to max F2P.

He currently has a YouTube account with videos of how he trains his skills.

According to some players, Nuffbutmage seems to be banned for macroing, despite his claim of strong stance against macroing.