OPP XD vs rev dark beast.PNG
Total level 1,314
Combat level 154
Other names x10101
Nationality Hungarian
Started playing 2008
Achievements 99 Cooking
Known for Revenant Hunter
Clan None

the Sickboy, previously known as OPP XD and outside RuneScape as Greg Sieve, is a Hungarian Revenant-Hunter. He started playing in 2008, after his friend showed him the game. Later he created a new account called x10101, which was a Barrows Pure account.

Gaming career

the Sickboy originally chose the name "Feka Magus" that in the Hungarian language is "Feka Mágus", means Dark Wizard. On his friend's advice he started as a Mage, and later used to be warrior only. Nearly to 2009, he started a clan to beat the #1 Hungarian clan, and during the recruiting he met two other Hungarians who spent their time with killing the revenant ghosts in wilderness and he joined their team. His career as revenant hunter started in 2011 when world 142 became a members world, so he moved to world 141, where a bigger revenant hunter group started hunting everyday! He started hunting with his best friend, Death Cr0w7, who also played a major role in killing the Revenant Knight. the Sickboy used his friend as a summoning pet, who carries the food for him since the summoning is not available in f2p. Whenever he ran out of food, his friend gave him more to continue the fight, that's how he killed the Knight alone, without help.

While Kathryns Bow and Playpro5 were friends and worked together, the Sickboy just looked down at them. Basically the Sickboy only attacked the lower level revenants, but later he wanted to prove his skills so he went to attack the Knight too! At 8 June 2011 morning the Sickboy successfully killed the revenant knight alone! Kathryns and Playpro were not here, but two level 115 players admitted that the Sickboy really killed the Knight, and with this action he totally amazed the hunter team. With the victory, the Sickboy just became more uppity, and later he gave up the hunting with the reason that he want to reach level 99 in a skill.

the Sickboy was last seen at Edgeville, during his 99 Cooking party when (as he said) "I gonna face my greatest enemy and my old friend for a last fight". He went to the Forinthy Dungeon with a bronze mace, as confirmed by a girl who was at his party, and attacked the Knight. Of course the Knight won this fight! After this fight no one heard more about the Sickboy, but later it's confirmed by his friend that his account was hacked by someone, and he quit RuneScape.

The Return of the Hunter

Later the Sickboy came back to RuneScape with the name x10101, when the Jagex announced the 14 day free members trial. During the 14 day he spent his time to doing quests and later he released a video on his new YouTube channel where he showed how to kill the Barrow Brothers with less than level 60 combat. It's officially not confirmed, but it seems he is the first player who killed the Barrows with less than 60 combat level, however he said that it's possible under level 40 too.[citation needed] During the 14 day he also teached two girls how to kill the brothers.


Low-Level Barrows Guide Under Level60! by x10101

x10101's Low-Level Barrows Video(Guide).

His career as "the #1 Barrows Pure" (as he said) was done when the 14 day member trial expired. He confirmed that the reason of quitting is now the new update, the Evolution of Combat.

the Sickboy came back to RuneScape as 0PP XD in 23 June 2013. He also told of his plans, he wants to create some video and become famous creating videos with his new friend, Jesse Bear.


22 July 2013 - OPP XD recovered his old account and came back to RuneScape! :)

14 October 2013 - OPP XD changed his name to the Sickboy. The name came from a movie, called Trainspotting.

Other account

He created an account called x10101 that was used only for 14 days. The account was created in 4 March 2013 when the Jagex announced the 14 free members trial for new players. He has another account called "0PP XD", created in 23 June 2013 for creating videos. This account is free-too-play and he planning to get 99 Runecrafting at Runespan.

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