Obby Avatar.pngObby Adventurer's Log.png
Total level 2595
Combat level 138
Nationality Russian-Canadian
Started playing 2001
Achievements Completionist Cape

8,000+ Clue Scrolls Completed

Known for Merchanting
Clan Renegades

ObbyShaggz is a RuneScape player merchant. Estimated that his wealth was around 100 Billion in early 2012. The early months of 2011 was when Obbyshaggz made most of his wealth through merchanting Santa hats. He began merchanting Santa hats shortly after Chessy018 was hacked, it's assumed that a majority of the Santa hats he obtained were due to the person that had hacked Chessy018.

Obbyshaggz's current wealth is unknown but it's rumoured that he had lost a massive portion of his wealth at the begining of 2013.

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