Of Roonscape is a retired main account, who is now found mostly playing either Soul Wars or Castle Wars. He contributed highly to the slaughter of Soul Wars in partnership with "Darius Silve", who continue to be very good friends and have attempted to take over Castle Wars together.


"Of Roonscape" referred to as "roon" was formerly known as "rugby king50" until the change of Evolution of Combat (EoC), rugby king50 was a general main pre EOC. He maxed combat before the change to EoC reduce disappointment in the new system and now he is found dancing, bank standing, or playing minigames. The first minigame he started at was Soul Wars, where he sided with the friends chat "sw ancients" which was run by Darius Silve, he slowly ranked up and kept a loyal member, and soon found himself in darius' inner circle. With the help of all the loyal members "sw crashers" (another friends chat owned by darius silve) slaughtered Soul Wars to the point nobody wanted to play anymore. After the success at Soul Wars darius and roon planned to do the same to Castle Wars, but darius gave up quickly, and now only plays occasionally. But roon continues to play Castle Wars on a daily basis. Roon uses the zaryte bow in-game, and wears only pernix and a farseer kite for defending himself.

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