Total level 2687
Combat level 138
Other names Youmostdope
Known for Youtube

Runescape Career

Oorah started playing in the year 2001 when Runescape was first released. He chose the name Oorah because of its uniqueness while also being pleasant to say. During the majority of Oorah's time spend on Runescape, Oorah had one thing in mind and that was to gain power economically. By no doubt having a large amount of wealth is not only difficult but also time consuming. So Oorah had a plan to gain substantial amount of wealth in short amount of time. As time progressed, he started to level up woodcutting which eventually sparked an idea. That idea was to collect as much logs as possible to sell to other players. This was a good idea at first but Oorah wanted a faster way out. That idea was buying things from players and selling the items to other players. This created a huge financial success; a method known as merchanting. TBC...

Youtube Career

In 2013, Oorah wanted to make a name for himself so naturally he thought of Youtube. In the process of creating his account, Oorah wanted to have a unique name that his future viewers would recognise and remember. So he created the name Youmostdope with the You, meaning the viewers and mostdope, meaning the recognition of sought out viewers. As of today, Youmostdope has 439 subscribers and Over 222,000 views. 

As of the year 2015, Oorah is currently still active amongst the Runescape and the Youtube community.

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