openhotcold was a growing icon in the previous world of flower gaming in RuneScape. He was a well known flower game host predominantly in world 49. He also operated under accounts such as: 0penhotcold, opnhotcold, openhotcld, openhot-cold, open-hotcold, opnhotcld.

openhotcold had many accounts in wich he would use macroing software to run several accounts on different worlds.

Players eventually developed a strong trust level with the bots as they proved to be more trustworthy than the regular player hosts. They never intentionally scammed although there were reports of the bots glitching at certain times.

The identity of the owner of these bots quickly became noticeable. It was discovered a player under the name 'Cash Corner' aka 'hostie host' and 'Ratmilk' was the owner.

World 49 quickly became the hot spot for betting on openhotcold, located almost always at southwest Grand Exchange. It was estimated openhotcold (Cash Corner) was making between 500m-1500m per day in RuneScape currency as the bots tended to run 24/7, taking bet after bet.

Eventually 'Cash Corner' was permanently banned for RWT (Real World Trade) in January 2013. He continued to run his flower bots, although at this time Jagex was cracking down on gambling so much as to mute all gambling personel continually. In March 2013 flower gambling and gambling in general was deemed indecent and became a bannable offence. This stopped openhotcold in his tracks and he has not been seen around since.

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