Oskiih posing with Constitution cape.

Combat level 200
Other names Toh Candy
Nationality Finland
Started playing 2010
Clan GTV

Oskiih is a "pre skiller"[clarification needed] RS account from Finland, with main goal to become maxed.

He currently has 16 99 skills. He's currently trying to get his combat stats up.

Oskiih was skiller 2 years before Evolution of combat, then he decided to level up his combat stats, starting with magic.

2012 - 2013 Oskiih had a year off from RS because he decided to quit, but he regained the interest in the game in the end of 2013

Oskiih's first 99 was fishing, he had sort of a competition with a friend, Who would get 99 first? he lost the competition though.

Oskiih is currently 80% to maxed and working hard on max cape.

Grand Theft Varrock logo!

Oskiih is deputy owner in the fresh started Grand Theft Varrock clan.

Oskiih's adventure log 14.2.2014

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