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OverKeel or Dan, began his RuneScape journey in 2005. Since then he has explored the darkest depths of RS on many accounts, his current being OverKeel. He began the game interested in becoming a maxed player, or main hoping to master the art of PVM.

He did this for many years until his friends showed him the ropes of the "true" RuneScape. Player VS Player. Ever since then he has been on and off with many pure accounts, testing different methods and has now become an in progress Zerker. He owns the OverKeel clan created on 01/04/2012 and hopes to one day become the most feared clan in all of RuneScape for its Pking abilites. OverKeel and his twin 0verKeel occasionally make YouTube videos under the user TheTryHardPkers and hope to one day become as famous as No1sPerfect or Chris Archie. Meeting OverKeel on RuneScape was a pleasant experience. He agreed to accept me as a friend and Answer some short easy questions. Including that he has always wanted to be a famous YouTube commentator and have people know his name on RuneScape and is glad that it is finally starting to come true. [1] Added by Tryhardpking Retrieved from ""

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