P0ke Begins
Started playing 2005
Known for YouTube videos

P0ke Begins is a RuneScape 3 player who began playing in 2005. He is mainly known for his runescape pking videos on his channel "P0keVideos", which has over 6000 subscribers as of July 2015.

He began losing interest in the game during the summer of 2012 and started making videos of the game 2006scape on his youtube channel "P0kendie2."  This second channel currently has over 800 subscribers.

On September 28, 2012, he released a video titled "The Runescape Generation - How Far We've Come". This video showed clips from various iconic people in the Runescape community over the years. The video went viral and reached over 10,000 views shortly after release.  It currently has over 43,000 views.

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