PERSOPILIS was a RuneScape player pker who started playing in 2006. He used to be pker in the PvP worlds. He still plays in clan wars and is an Anti-Eoc player, but he is retired to clan wars when the wilderness was returned.

New player

PERSOPILIS began playing runescape in 2006 when a friend introduced him to the game. He was highly skilled in Pking and quickly formed a powerful fc called "warlords" PERSOPILIS alongside his fc controlled all the areas of Lumbridge, al kharid, Port sarim, draynor village and edgeville. PERSOPILIS launched numerous campaigns into varrock to dominate but failed due to the large numbers of players. He earned many titles along the way including "father of Pking" and "scourge of noobs" and famously "the runescape ripper" PERSOPILIS retired from pking when the wilderness returned. He decided to join clanwars.


PERSOPILIS quickly grew fond of the white and purple portals in clanwars. He became an nser although he admitted he never has any good at it because he kept logging first. Nevertheless PERSOPILIS was a irritating opponent as he never gave up and always mocked his enemies. whilst in clanwars he met a player Pespo and quickly acheived ranks despite being a low level player. Jack linehan who was a general at the time in Pespos fc wanted power and decided to spread false rumours to destroy Pespos fc. He was successful in destroying Pespos fc but PERSOPILIS later learnt that Jack was lying but it was too late Pespo had quit. PERSOPILIS met a player named kila havoc who he became friends with. havoc gave PERSOPILIS an account named "kee black" and PERSOPILIS quickly grew powerful. he entered a one year long ns war with a player named hawkwork  which is still being fought. whilst in this ns war PERSOPILIS was befriended by a player called Law breakerr who looked out for him. At some point Pespo returned and having become friends with PERSOPILIS he drove Jack out of clanwars "in his dreams". PERSOPILIS is currently a low profile player in clanwars. He enjoys hiding his adventurous career.

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