PXZ was a brazilian player killer who gained notoriety in the years 2013-2015 in the EoC/RS3 era. Best known for using melee in a scenario where distance combat predominated, easily defeated his opponents.

Warbands and the beginning

When jagex updated the Warbands in the game, some players have created teams to collect supplies more safely. Animadom owned the most popular collector's team in Brazil. PXZ and Animadom were Anti Pker's. At one of these events, some team members fell out with PXZ, and killed him, causing him to lose his chaotic weapons and eventually, he left the team.

La Mafia Pks & Germany clans

In 2014, PXZ joined La Mafia Pks, owned by Ze Pequeno. There, he became a vice leader, with Henrique Hx and Klebinho1. His fame started to increase, mainly due he was always risking a drygore and a korasi. The most of players were used to bring ranged on warbands, this made it easier for him to kill because the combat triangle.

He was also known for participating on Germany teams, like weluvwb, with notorious german players: God Shqipo, Seios and God Game Ltd.


PXZ was banned on April 2015, for bug abuse and botting. In tribute to him, his teammates changed their nicknames to something that remind him. Hx z, Thug xz were some.


- Crash a warband only with DL Cowboy in 2014 (2 vs 40+) [ascension crossbow smited!]

- Hit 8k with korasi's special attack, which was absurd at the time.

- 105 million xp on Runecrafting

- 105 million xp on Defense

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