P a u i
P a u i.png
Total level 2666
Combat level 138
Other names Paul
Started playing 2005
Ended playing N/A
Achievements Max Cape
Known for Staking, Events
Clan Laid Back Scapers

P a u i is a Runescape player who began in 2005. This is not his original account, however - but an account he once used for staking that was a Mage/Range tank. Currently, this is his main account, and he has an Ironman account (A-K-A Paul) that he primarily plays. The majority of his wealth has come from Staking in the Duel Arena. He is known for his Drop Parties and Hide & Seek events, where he gives out prizes. He is loyal to his friends and has been known to cover the expenses for friends to reach level 99 in various skills, or to help them after losing substantial amounts of wealth due to Staking, being scammed, or being hacked. He is currently a member of the clan Laid Back Scapers. P a u i is not as active as he used to be, because he is married, has two children, and a full-time job. Nevertheless, he is still working towards his goal of obtaining a Max Cape on his Ironman. As a side goal, he is working towards level 120 in Thieving and Slayer on his main account.

P a u i, pictured bellow in his player owned house in his favorite outfit Shadow Malevolent with an Ahrims Bobblehead follower.

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