Pandora x

Pandora x

Total level 2513
Combat level 135
Other names Lauren
Nationality English
Started playing 2007
Known for RuneFest Attendee
Clan Mates Not Levels

Pandora x

Pandora x is a Player Moderator and Owner of the clan 'mates not levels', a clan founded in 2007 by C Strife 16.

She holds 18 99s.

Her homeworld is world 23, a UK based world, and her favourite skill is Runecrafting which was her second 99 skill.


She has attended every RuneFest event. She takes part in the cosplay aspect of the event every year and created a Dragonbone Mage Hat to wear for RuneFest3 as her in-game avatar usually wears this hat. Her sister is Demolitione - one of the winners of the cosplay golden gnomes at the RuneFest.

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