Total level 2595
Combat level 138
Other names Paperbag 70
Nationality American
Known for Overall

One of Paperbag's ranks fighting off trolls in the friends chat.

Paperbag, known in real life as Kevin, is a RuneScape Player Moderator. He is ranked 20th overall. As of December 2014 he has 200 million xp in all skills except Attack, Strength, Woodcutting, Fishing, Mining, Slayer, Runecrafting, and Divination. On February 18, 2014, he joined the clan Paperswag, which was formed in dedication to him.[1] His younger brother Brain also plays RuneScape, with the username 1993ball.[2]

Gaming career

Paperbag began playing RuneScape in 2006. He achieved his first 99, Fletching, in 2007. He is currently one of the few players to have over 4 billion total xp. His favourite skill is Agility. He is ranked 2 in Prayer and Construction, ranked 3 in Herblore and ranked 4 in Crafting. He has a Hardcore Ironman account, with the username Hc Paperbag. He is currently ranked 2 for Agility for a Hardcore Ironman.


  2. Paperbag confirming 1993ball is his brother.

Paperbag's friends chat.

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