PatetaPT is a Portuguese Runescape player with over 1.6B total experience. He has 200 million experience in four different skills: Dungeoneering, Cooking, Thieving and Firemaking. He also has level 120 Fletching, in addition to his levels that are at 200 million experience. He is currently working towards 5.2 billion experience.

PatetaPT started playing on October of 2007, when his school friends introduced him into the game. He always kept up a competitive speed while levelling up with his real life friends, who have all since quit. He met the majority of his Runescape friends through the Ilhavo Crowns clan. The clan also inspired him to work towards most of the goals he has since achieved. He gained over 600 million experience while in this clan. At the moment, he is in a clan named "Electro Ghetto PT," where he is a Coordinator rank with over 900 million experience gained since joining. He is typically using the Clan Avatar that has a flame design. He calls this Avatar "Chamas," which translates into "Flames."

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