Total level RS3: 2712

OSRS: 500

Combat level RS3: 138

OSRS: 39

Nationality Australian
Started playing 2005
Achievements Maxed
Known for Player Moderator Status
Clan RS Outreach

Patto is a RuneScape player moderator.

He has been playing since early 2005, and can regularly be found in world 48 and use to be a general in Jake's friends chat channel. He now currently resides as a General and Overseer in the clan Rs Outreach. He is ranked in several Jagex Moderators friends chats, including Mod Benjy, Mod Hulme, and Mod Hamilton.

Patto is also known for being a long time Moderator, with over 10 years in helping the community.

He currently has all skills maxed and is going for 120 in Invention and Dungeoneering.

He regularly enjoys "long walks on the beach and candle-lit dinners."

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