Phoenix Odin

Phoenix Odin
Total level 2512
Combat level 138
Known for Being the first person to get 200m xp in Runecrafting

Phoenix Odin is a RuneScape player known for being the first person to achieve 200 million XP in Runecrafting, overtaking Larryr in September 2009.

Aside from Runecrafting, Phoenix Odin also has 200m XP in Dungeoneering, and is level 99 or higher in every other skill aside from Divination and Invention.

Runecrafting history

Many believed he trained the majority of his XP through ZMI, and this is true. The debate about Larryr being an old school runecrafter is ongoing, but Phoenix Odin should also deserve recognition as he had also trained his runecrafting from the start way before the Abyss, Graahk and ZMI ever existed. The history of his runecrafting career was that he had first trained his Runecrafting to level 70 through the General Store in Shilo Village and thus he was able to afford to buy 2 Santa hats, which then in turn he traded in, and bought a red halloween mask.

He then kept training his Runecrafting using the Shilo method of unnoting essence at the General Store to level 81 (2.1m RC XP) which then he was able to afford 400k essence at level 81 by selling his red halloween he bought to assist runners on world 66 laws, with 400k essence meant he was able to get 3.8m Runecrafting XP at world 66 laws, which of course does not exist anymore.

He had got to level 91 Runecrafting and was able to craft double nature runes for about 1m Runecrafting XP (being up to 6.9 to 7m Runecrafting XP), then came the release of the Abyss. From there on, he trained his Runecrafting and got rank 3 somewhere around or before 12 October 2007. Using the Abyss, players could only gain around 25k XP an hour, and it was believed that the maximum amount of nature runes per hour that could be crafted was 5,670 (25,515 XP) as stated by Phoenix Odin in his video.[1] Due to using the abyss during the existence of the Wilderness (meaning runecrafters could get PKed, thus decreasing the XP/hr rate training there), this was less XP than Larryr's double nature business, which could get 45k XP per hour.

During the existence of the Abyss, Phoenix Odin had trained his Runecrafting and got 50 million RC XP on 9 March 2010. He had gained a further 3m Runecrafting XP with the Abyss.

He eventually achieved 135M XP from Runecrafting using the ZMI Altar and another 60M XP at the Nature Altar. He Graahk'ed at the nature altar from 185M-200M Rc XP along with using some effigies he collected from Frost Dragons.[2]

On December 1st 2010 he finally achieved 200M Runecrafting XP making him the first to do so.


After the release of free trade, Phoenix Odin became a host in 'Dragon Dyce' where he eventually rose to the rank of General.

Odin was honored when Runespan (which made Runecrafting significantly faster/easier) was released. One of the NPC's from the activity, Wizard Finix, was named after him.

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    This shows 111m Rc XP gained, with 7m magic xp gained because of ZMI teleporting.
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