Righ' here is tha face of Phytic
Total level Bleedin' high i'd say righ up neigh to tha stars
Combat level 200
Nationality Engerland
Influences 'As a mitey gud way o' persuadin' ya kno?
Achievements Claimed tha Queen's rightful territry 'nd such
Known for Bein' a bloke who know wun can match his bank space
Clan Max tha Experiunce

Phytic is ah very conservativ' playah frum Engerland.  He is bessy known for his OCD playstyle.  He enjoys completin' everything in thah game ('cept castle wars coz castle wars is a bloody headache ).  Yeh can often er not find him trahnin' a skill that he really ought not be tranin.

Why the Dialect?

u wan say that 2 my face m8 not on the net c wat appens ye il nok yer fukken blok off swer i wil me and me m8sl fuk u up gud n propr jus w8 m9

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