Pixel Thug a veteran RuneScape player, and currently a Staff member of a top-class clan, The Loyal Elite.


He believes in a almost non-existent wolf god, which he urges that Runescape get onto make one, as he will "Throw my money at the screen until I buy it's new merchandise in Soloman's store"-Pixel Thug


He is a out-going player, but secretly hides a unknown intelligence he rarely showcases, only when a situation pushes him to a certain intense limit. He sometimes roleplays as what his name portrays, though goes out of his way to proporly use grammer and puncuation while at it. He quotes " You petty insufferable impetuous neanderthal, I prefer to rule the streets using superior intelligence aswell as brute force. I have ascended past a regular thug,and I have only now tapped into my true potential, into the realm of legend. I have ascended past the regular boundries of a thug, and am capable of attacking others while communicating at far distances, I am now a Pixel Thug!"-Pixel Thug

Many argue he's downright insane, and into DragonBallZ too much.

Rise to Godhood

He has gone through many name transformations, including;



-Lupus Lycaon

-Lykos Anax




He believes that changing your name often are steps into reaching godhood. He pointed out that name changes include: Increased muscle growth, stronger bone structure, quicker reflexes, and an almost 20Iq point boost at every transformation. You go throguh personality changes and outfits changes frequently as a side effect. He is merely 42 name changes away from reaching his new divine power.

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