Pk King 5 (also known as pk k1n9 5) is a RuneScape player and a YouTube commentator. He refers to his subscribers as members of his trademark "Spank Me Army," and names himself the "Spank Me Captain."

The Spank Me Captain is known for famously saying his catch-phrase; "Spank my ass and call me the captain!" after a turn of unexpected fortunate events or a rather spectacular kill occurs in his Runescape commantaries.

The first noted use of the catch phrase is found in the following video at the time frame of 8:52.


Pk K1n9 5 Runescape High Risk Full Statius Whip To Dragon Claws Pking With Commentary

The Captain later notes in one of his later videos relating to weed use that the term was invented whilst he was high on weed. It can be assumed that during the first siting of the phrase, The Captain was high on weed, causing his brain to output unusual terms, thus forming the phrase.

Pk King 5 is also well-known for his "chill" personality. Many of his subscribers have respect for him due to his calm attitude and demeanor.

Pk King 5 has been allegedly selling shout-outs to dicing friend chats in order to gain money for his commentaries. This has garnered some disrespect from loyal subscribers as well as general viewers. However, some subscribers feel that these shout-outs are necessary to better The Captain's commentaries.

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