Plastic Cup is an admin in the clan Efficiency Experts. He often jokes that he and My Kingz started the entire clan themselves. He reached 1 billion total experience on September 14, 2014 and continues to gain experience intermittently to this day. He gained some notoriety thanks to his youtube channel [1] and the fact that he got ten 99s at once, spamming the chatbox on all worlds when he maxed on February 2, 2013. Plastic Cup has a completionist cape and also keeps a fairly regularly updated list of his goals and acheivements on the Runescape official forums[2]

200m Smithing

Perhaps the most notable piece of information about Plastic Cup is that he was the 72nd person to reach 200m Smithing. Almost as if he were obsessed, he can often be seen wearing the Smithing Master Cape with keepsaked Blacksmith gear.


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