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A Player Moderator, also known as a PMod, is a player chosen by Jagex to help monitor and maintain the in-game RuneScape environment. Player Moderators have the ability to issue a 48-hour mute to any abuse reports they submit. In-game, they can be identified with a silver crown or a silver star if they are members of the gold Premier Club. One must accept an invitation by Jagex from the Message Centre to receive this position.

Roles and abilities

Player Moderators were introduced into the game in June 2004, and they act as volunteers for the community. They have access to the Player Moderator Centre, which contains links to private Player Moderator forums, guidelines, registration links, and other information pages. Player Moderators also have the ability to add a 48-hour mute to any abuse reports they send. A dedicated team of Jagex Moderators check these reports as a priority to ensure that the action taken by the Player Moderator was fair. All Player Moderators in RuneScape are also Player Moderators in FunOrb.[1]

As is the case with Forum Moderators, there are regular private meetings in-game, called "surgeries", between Player Moderators and Jagex staff. These meetings occur in a room called the Player Moderator Room during prearranged times. During this meeting, Player Moderators discuss any concerns they may have.[1]

Recognizing a Player Moderator

A Player Moderator talks in-game. A silver crown appears next to the moderator's name in chat.

An example of a Player Moderator message in RuneScape

Player Moderators can be identified with a silver crown next to their name in chat. If they are members of the gold Premier Club, their icons are silver stars (Player Moderator silver badge.gif) unless this star is toggled off by the Player Moderator. Player Moderator chat is visible, even if one's chat setting is set to "off", unless one puts the Player Moderator in their ignore list.[1]

Becoming a Player Moderator

Players are invited to become a Player Moderator via a message from the Message Centre, not by email, third-party websites, or in-game. Players who accept this invitation are given Player Moderator status. Jagex states that they take various information into consideration when looking for prospective candidates: "[W]e review personal gaming style and forum posts. We consider the validity of the player's abuse reports and as well as how helpful and friendly they have been to other players in the game." Players may still receive this position even if they have broke one of the rules of RuneScape. Players' combat levels or total levels are not taken into consideration when determining whether they should obtain this position.[1]


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