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A group of players in the Grand Exchange

Players can commonly be found in the Grand Exchange

RuneScape players are participants in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) RuneScape. The aims of players can vary over time, culture, and the game contents. For example, they may form groups for player killing, training skills alone or together, chat about daily lives, or doing quests.

Most players abide by the Rules of Runescape in order to keep the game environment fair and safe. Ironically, intentionally breaking the rules, scamming or illegal deeds would cause certain players becoming famous, examples including partyhat glitch and world 111 massacre. The punishment against these actions are mostly severe including permanent ban.

Famous Runescape players are mainly known for following reasons: Having dedicated long time inside the game (likely many Level 99 skills) or excelling (being one of the first players to achieve Level 99 on certain skill), having considerable charisma (hosting a popular YouTube Runescape-based channel), being noxious as aforementioned, being a staff of Jagex or renowned player moderator, or have done remarkable deeds for, about or against Jagex.

Most Runescape players are considered neutral, which is supported by the neutral stance of Jagex, while blocking out offensive materials the game maintains a rather free environment. They are instead classified by their in-game or out-of-box roles. Free players and members, skillers, pures and hybrirds, merchants and fighters, they are all in-game nouns ready for sorting out any player. A few out-of-box categories like Real world traders, merchant clan members, Youtube channel hosters, are bound to more serious matters. Cultural differences like nationality are often discussed, but racism is prohibited and players generally don't classify others based on their cultures.

Players can do many things in Runescape, such as skilling, killing, windmilling, and so on. 

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