RSMV Radioactive-0

Letter from Jagex


Trim Comp #413   December 24, 2013

Part of the original group that discovered Goebie Volleyball in Raids

Pogmathon also known as Poggy or Pog is a 10+ year old Vet in Runescape.

She has been related to a few FC's. 
Cwafkers as co-owner, and ranked in Teachingrots and Raids FC.

Known for her PvM (PvE) Skills, she wonders around from boss to boss with a high amount of kills.
In 2015 had the record for most Har-Aken (306) & TzTok-Jad (2179) in game.

Achieved Trimmed Completionist Cape since Dec 24, 2013 and MQC soon after the release.

Master of All, Daredevil and Final Boss are some of the multiple Titles achieved.

Another thing that many of you will be surprised to know is that she is the YouTube sensation in several music videos.

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