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(Currently known as Poinntter The Master Fisher in game)

Poinntter, known outside RuneScape as Jw,<a href="#cite_note-name-1">[2]</a> is a cyberworld character 

in RuneScape overall.<a href="#cite_note-rolemodels-2">[3]</a> He started playing in 2004, after a friend showed him the game, 

and has been playing since. His first goal ever was obtaining the Quest cape <a href="http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Quest_point_cape" class="extiw" title="runescape:Quest Cape">Quest Cape</a>, he achieved this at ???, ????. 

His favorite <a href="/wiki/Jagex_Moderator" title="Jagex Moderator">Jagex Moderator</a> is Mod Slayer (LINK) 

. As of December 2015, he is ranked around 27000 on the <a href="http://RuneScape.wikia.com/wiki/Hiscores" class="extiw" title="runescape:Hiscores">hiscores</a>.

He currently has a Organiser-rank (LINK) in a clan named Dutch People Clan (dutch ppl). He is usually in this clan chat whenever he is online which is almost everyday.

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    Gaming careers

    Poinntter started playing RuneScape in April of 2004, after one of his friends from school deadssnake told him that he knew of a game that he might like, RuneScape

    As of 28 December 2015, he has a overall level of 2590, and he is ranked around the 27000th in the hiscores. 

    His current goals are reaching <a href="http://RuneScape.wikia.com/wiki/200_million_experience" class="extiw" title="runescape:200 million experience">200 million experience</a> in the skills: <a href="http://RuneScape.wikia.com/wiki/Firemaking" class="extiw" title="runescape:Firemaking">Firemaking</a> and <a href="http://RuneScape.wikia.com/wiki/Thieving" class="extiw" title="runescape:Thieving">Thieving</a>.<a href="#cite_note-Hiscores-0">[1]</a>

    As of 2015, Poinntter is still active and usually plays on world 123.

    One of his in-game friends is Whatizsleep <a href="http://rsplayers.wikia.com/wiki/Whatizsleep" class="extiw" title="runescape:Whatizsleep">


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