Total level 2590
Combat level 138
Nationality Dutch
Started playing April 2004
Known for Sarcastic jokes

Currently known as Poinntter The Master Fisher in game)

Poinntter, known outside RuneScape as Jw, is a cyberworld character in RuneScape. He started playing in 2004, after a friend showed him the game, and has been playing since that moment. His first goal ever was obtaining the Quest cape , he achieved this at ???, ????.

He currently has a Organiser-rank (LINK) in a clan named Dutch People Clan, which is (as of December, 2015), ranked as the 53th best clan in RuneScape. He is usually in this clan chat whenever he is online, which is almost everyday.

Some facts

As of December 2015, he is ranked around 27000 on the RuneScape HiScores.

His current goals are reaching 200 million experience in the skills: Firemaking and Thieving, and obtaining the Completionist cape.

As of 2015, Poinntter is still active and usually plays on world 123.

One of his in-game friends is Whatizsleep, who is a member of the same clan. 

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