Total level 2727 (2916)
Combat level 138
Nationality Dutch
Started playing April 2004
Achievements Quest Cape, & Max Cape
Known for Poinntter is always wearing his Golden Verac the Defiled armour combined with other golden weapons, such as the Golden Katana, Golden cane, or his lucky coin.
Clan Dutch People

Poinntter, standing in the Enchanted Valley, January 2018

Currently known as Poinntter of the Second Age


Poinntter started his adventure on Duneday 2 Raktuber (year unknown) in the Fifth Age. As a child he was inspired by Saradomin, the god of order and wisdom, probably because he is son of a Faladorian father and a Varrockian mother. Which both lay in the Misthalinian kingdom where the church of Saradomin is the commonly seen religion.

After he left his parents house, he started wandering around the world of Gielinor doing simple tasks for people who required help. Things like sheering sheep, assisting a cook, helping spirits to find peace, and much more have been done.

Becoming a Champion

After all these small tasks and quests he met the Guildmaster of the Champions' Guild, which asked him if he would like to proof himself worthy of the title champion. Poinntter was interested and was redirected to Oziach a smith in the small town of Edgeville. There he learned that he can earn this title by slaying a awoken, terrifying dragon which destroyed the once thriving community of the island of Crandor. Poinntter defeated and beheaded the dragon, and was now known as a Champion.

Gaining experience and wealth


Becoming a Hero


Player owned house


Becoming a Legend


Earning the Completionist title


Becoming a World Guardian


Freneskaen Inspiration

After the death of Guthix, Saradomin was the first god that returned to Gielinor, since the barrier that blocked the gods was vanished. Although Poinntter was inspired by him as a child, he wasn't impressed very much by the god of order and wisdom. Mainly because Saradomin showed signs of greediness for more power. For a later quest Poinntter came into contact with Zaros, whom can be seen as the god of fate and control, as well as the divine aspect of the dark. Officially he arrived at Gielinor in the second age, but was attacked by Zamorak whom was searching for options to attain a divine status for himself and attacked Zaros, which spirit was wandering the universe since then.

At the beginning of the Sixth age, Zaros his body was resurrected by Poinntter, which was sent to Freneskae (through the World Gate) by Azzanadra, and he teached him about many things.Since this moment Poinntter declares himself as a Zarosian. To show his loyalty for Zaros, he gained the same scar on hist chest.

Some facts

As of August 2019, he is ranked around place 2150 (RuneScore ranking), and 16300 (skills ranking) on the RuneScape HiScores.

His current goals are reaching 200 million experience in the skills: Firemaking and Thieving, and obtaining the Master Quest Cape and the Trimmed completionist cape.

Poinntter, standing in front of his POH, February 2017

He started playing in 2004, after a friend showed him the game, and has been playing since that moment. His first goal ever was obtaining the Quest cape, which he achieved in May, 2013.

He currently has a Coordinator-rank in a clan named Dutch People Clan, which is (as of August, 2019), ranked as the 71th best clan in RuneScape. He is usually in this clan chat whenever he is online, which is almost everyday.

Poinntter 1BtotalXP.png

On the 25th of May, 2017 he reached the 1 billion total experience barrier.

As of 2019, Poinntter is still active and usually plays on world 123.

One of his in-game friends is Whatizsleep, who is a member of the same clan. 

On the 15th of May, 2019 (25 Raktuber) he reclaimed his highest possible total level-status by reaching level 120 Slayer. 

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