Postman Patt is an Australian born Runescape player who started playing in 2005. He is a low profile player and only known partially for his youtube video's on Runescape. Postman Patt is a regular player and is close friends with other youtubers such as Jim Sauce and Hunted. Postman Patt's name comes from the T.V show Postman Patt. 

Postman Patt has a current total level of 2281 with twelve 99's, aiming to have 99 prayer soon.  


Postman Patt's youtube channel is 'PostmanPatttt' and he started making videos at the start of 2012 and has grown to 614 subscribers. He has done many videos with Jim Sauce a close friend and plans on making videos in the future. He only uploadsoccasionally due to University.

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