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Potleaf is a Runescape player from the United States who started playing in 2008. She is not known for her skills and achievements, but is a very sociable player. She prefers chatting with others rather than playing the game itself. She can be found in World 3 wandering Lumbridge and Varrock. She can sometimes be spotted in Zezima's friend chat and almost always in her own clan chat, Brothel.


Potleaf was born May 9th 1994. She started playing Runescape after her cousin showed her the game and it quickly became a favorite pastime during the summer season.  She became a frequent player immediately and made many friends.


A photo of Potleaf in real life

  • 99 Woodcutting
  • 99 Herblore
  • 99 Farming
  • 99 Firemaking
  • 99 Magic
  • 150+ Clan Members


- When logging out or teleporting her farewell is usually "Later taters" or "Toodles my noodles!"

- She often censors herself using the first letter followed by asterisks to avoid being reported.

- Potleaf was a member of the Uloveme clan chat in 2009. She took a break from Runescape due to an argument with a fellow clan member.

- She describes Lumbridge "Home of the e-daters" .

- She has a purple cat in Runescape she calls Kush and a dalmatian named Spotleaf.

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