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Psychologize, known outside RuneScape as Didi, is a player who's been playing RuneScape since December 2006 and has a total level of 2,743


Psychologize started playing in late 2006, presumably after friends introduced him to the game of Runescape

Not having the gift of being bilingual at age 11, playing the game was a tad harder compared to other players who had English as their native, or already as second language. Psychologize himself claims 'bucket' was his first learned word through Runescape.

After this milestone, he quickly began to understand the language as pictures with words combined turned out to be the best teacher. In February 2013 he decided to become a member by purchasing a 1 month membership through a Wallie-Card he secretly bought without his parents knowing.

The membership being €6.95, he still had an extra €3.05 left on his prepaid Paysafecard which he used on buying in-game wealth through a Dutch real-world-trading site named Rsmarkt. Quote: ''I had an extra 5m a month lmao''

He seems to be quite open about his actions whom are against the Rules of Runescape. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of automated software, a.k.a. 'bots' and the hosting of flower and dice games through a well-known gambling Friends chat named DragonDyce.

After facing a handful of short-time mutes and bans, and the hunt on gamblers that had been growing more intense by Jagex, Psychologize decided to turn his back on the, Quote: ''dark side'' of Runescape and continued to play the game the fair way.

Personal Achievements

- Died to a unicorn in a boxing match - July 2011

- Completed Dragon Slayer at 83 combat after procrastinating for several years in mid 2013

- Obtained Quest Cape in mid 2014 - lost it after a week again, never re-obtained

- Maxed 26th February 2015

- Re-maxed late 2016 after Invention took his Max Cape away

Clan History

Legacy of Blood


On the 14th of April 2011, Psychologize and his then good friends Darknut57 and Morzan382, decided to make a clan named Legacy of Blood. Ironically Jagex released a book written by T.S. Church on the 19th of June 2012 with the exact same name as the clan. Whether Jagex drew their inspiration from the clans name, we'll probably never know. The first days of being in Legacy of Blood consisted of recruiting, lots of recruiting, this is how Psychologize got his self-proclaimed title as Master Recruiter, having recruited 129 members in 1 day.

Legacy of Stuff


After having seen what it means to run a clan, getting familiar with settings and the overcoming of the language barrier, Psychologize decided to create his own clan, with the original plan to have it run alongside Darknut57's clan but instead it being more of a higher levelled clan. Quote: ''We were recruiting in cow fields... people there go inactive in seconds lol, i wanted more useful people in a clan'' That said, on the 15th of June 2013 Psychologize started to build Legacy of Stuff together with a few 'useful' clanmembers named Beetleskh, Jayadratha, Eeasy, 2sik4u, Maractite and Murders125.

After 'things', we haven't been able to find out, happened both ingame and in real life, Psych decided to go in retreat and leave Legacy of Stuff, shifting leadership towards Beetleskh. Murders125 at that time being a good friend tried to track Psych, with success, talking him into joining Mad Diversity again.

Sadly Beetleskh and others had changed their attitude towards Psych and several of his friends, ending up with Psych leaving again simply for the reason that Legacy of Stuff was not feeling like a home anymore.

Floating between Clans

After a fallout of several clanmembers again he decided to leave and run from the drama that had surrounded him and Legacy of Stuff, making him hop from clan to clan but without the feeling of finding a lasting home. The logical step after having earned a decent amount of money, whether it being in an honest way or not, was to invest it into a clan named Flip 2 Win. After running an apprenticeship under the wings of Epic Sm0ke, Elf Archere, and Voodoomaster he decided to leave the clan again with his newly learned skill, the art of flipping.

Mad Diversity


On the 10th of May 2015, Psych decided to create another clan with the intention of making it his last, and best, clan he creates, teaming up with a good friend Scoots 0_o.

The name Mad Diversity is a combination of Blue diversity and Mad Experience, Mad Experience being the one Psych suggested, implying he wanted to create a clan focusing on ingame experience gains, Blue Diversity being suggested by Scoots 0_o , simply cause that's what was written on his shirt he was wearing that day.

Mad Diversity is currently focusing on becoming a bigger clan with more PvM activities happening, at the time of us guesting the clan, 20th of March 2020, 21:54 GMT, there are 27 members online, 2 of them being guests, they seem to have a good time with eachother, basing that on the enjoyable conversations who are not only fun to read, but also to participate in.

Consider this something the French would call a Hommage, this has been written and checked by a small group of very old friends, and friends of friends of Psychologize. I can speak for everyone who was involved that clans have been a huge part of our Runescape 'careers'. By writing this we would like to not only thank Psych but also everyone and everything else involved that shaped us who we are today in a way.

Thank you for the memories, may you and your clan fare well


Some nostalgic nerds :-)

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