PvM Alfie
Alfred Loera.png
Total level RuneScape: 828
Old School RuneScape: 1068
Other names Alfred Loera, PvM Alfie, Host Alfie, Alfie Shark, Alfierules, Laurarules, Ye Rite, Broke 2 Bond, RoT Electric, LMS Alfie
Nationality American Mexican
Known for First player to achieve level 99 Fishing in Old School RuneScape, RuneScape Streamer
Clan Apple Casino

LMS Alfie, also known as Alfierules (Real name Alfred Loera[1]) is 23 year old[2] Old School RuneScape livestreamer who is most notable for community interactive PKing streams.


Alfie was once the highest ranked player in Fishing in Old School RuneScape.[3] On 13 March 2013, he became the first player to achieve level 99 Fishing in the game. In RuneScape, he has a total level of 828.[4]


Alfie also has an account on TwitchTV called "Alfierules". His account has around 75,000 followers and his videos have received over 4,3 million views.[5] In addition, he has over 647 subscribers, as of March of 2017.

He is best known for his high risk PKing streams, and occasional staking.


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